Why bother with small groups in a time-pressured culture? Because busy people can become isolated and disconnected. At River’s Edge our vision is to be a place Where No One Journeys Alone. As flawed and broken people, we strive to live authentic lives by following Jesus. We believe that is best accomplished with the encouragement and accountability of a circle of friends.

Belong Groups are an integral part of our spiritual development at River’s Edge. Since one size does not fit all, we offer a variety of Belong Groups, just as people’s needs and interests differ. So whether curious, cautious or wholly committed, connect with God and others in a safe group that accepts you just as you are.
There are Belong groups meeting at the church, in various parts of the city of Montreal, Laval, South Shore, East End and the West Island. As well as other more distant communities like the Laurentians and the Eastern Townships.
Find a group that fits you best and enjoy life changing relationships.
1. Men’s Group
2. Men’s Group
3. Community Kitchen
4. Family Group once a month
5. Couples and Family
6. Women’s Group
7. Women’s Group
8. Women’s Group
9. Young Adults Group
   NDG RE Location
   NDG RE Location
   Montreal West
Tuesdays          7pm
Mondays           7pm
Mondays           7pm
Sundays            12noon
Fridays              7pm
Tuesdays           7pm
Tuesdays           7pm
Tuesdays           7:30pm
Saturdays          1pm