Proverbs 25:2

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, to search out a matter is the glory of kings. (NIV)
God conceals the revelation of his word
in the hiding place of his glory.
But the honor of kings is revealed
by how they thoroughly search out
the deeper meaning of all that God says.
(Passion Version)

It is very intriguing to know that God conceals revelation in the hiding place of His glory and invites us to search for it.
God ascribes honor to kings for searching, exploring, discerning a matter! Wow, I am always fascinated by this verse because it challenges my perspective in how I view situations and narratives. I am invited to be a part of the solution by thoroughly searching out the deeper meaning of what God wants to communicate.
Is it not interesting that when we cannot control an outcome, or cannot understand or explain with our limited mindsets that we come to erroneous conclusion about God and life?  What if this concealing part of God, the mystery, allures us into a deeper and higher level of searching and engaging!! What if you can see the current world events and your personal story through this lense?

Today, we are in a moment of time where it is absolutely essential to search out the matters at hand. It is essential for us as to become curious, seek wisdom, explore, study, and discern God’s voice. This is how kings and queens respond when things seem hidden and concealed. This is who we are, and anything less is to live below your capacity.

  1. Write down the things in your life or around you that makes no sense to you.
  2.  Study the matter thoroughly and ask questions, read, seek, study the matter
  3.  Set your heart on studying the word regarding these matters and listen for the answers. 


Lord, help us to surrender our own understanding and interpretation of the story we are currently in. Give us courage and a hightened curiosity to learn and seek. We want to be light and hope carriers. Be honoured and help us to see!
In Jesus name, Amen!

You are blessed!

Yvonne Masella

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