Songs Of Hope & Restoration – Part 1

Indeed, Yahweh will comfort Zion, restore her, and comfort all her broken places. He will transform her wilderness into the garden of Bliss, 
her desert into the garden of Yahweh. 
Joy and laughter will fill the air with thanksgiving and joyous melodies.

Isaiah 51:3
During these historic moments of uncertainty and loss we are all in need of renewed hope and perspective! These are not easy times! When we minimize the moment, the loss, the pain and disruption, we also miss out on the power of restoration and joy! God wants to restore and comfort us!
Hope is only possible when it is rooted in the timeless truth of The One who created times and seasons. Scripture teaches us that at the core of our gospel message we discover a God who is restorative by nature. We see a God who takes the darkest times and turn it into light, who turns desert places into gardens, ashes into beauty, hides treasures in dark places, gives sight to the blind and turns songs of mourning into songs of joy. Nothing is beyond the restorative power of our God.

Today, as we embrace another day of this pandemic, may we go forth in hope knowing that this narrative will also be restored!! We are going to the other side but not without the process of daily intentional living. Remember that God is for us and with us.

The Psalmist in Ps 62:5 pens these words: I am standing in the absolute stillness, silent before the one I love. Waiting as long as it takes for him to rescue me. Only God is my Saviour, and he will not fail me. For He alone is my safe place. His wrap-around presence always protects me as my champion defender. There is no risk of failure with God. So why would I let worry paralyze me even when trouble multiply around me? God’s glory is all around me! His wrap-around presence is all I need, for the Lord is my Saviour, my hero and my life-giving strength!

Father we thank you that You are the God who makes all things new. Today, we surrender to you and invite you into the deepest part of our heart, our circumstances and ask for your total makeover! Heal us in our perspective and give us a new song! Bless the work off our hands today in Jesus name!

Yvonne Masella

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