The Path

Welcome to our Discipleship Path at River’s Edge.

We are committed to going deeper through our discipleship process and to engage the greatest number of attenders at River’s Edge. This is why we have developed a discipleship path that begins with START and then continues with NEXT, CORE and then GROW. There are 4 modules in each that we are all encouraged to take. By everyone following this path we provide a consistent context of teaching at River’s Edge that will lead to greater spiritual unity and expression of faith as followers of Jesus Christ.


This is the first step on a Path of Purpose. It is the introduction teaching to the faith for someone who is either accepting Jesus for the first time or rededicating his or her life to Him. It also gives a great overview to what we teach on the subject of Jesus, Personal Responsibility, and Baptism. This is where everyone who is new to River’s Edge is encouraged to START.

START Modules

  1. The Path of Life
  2. What Did Jesus Do?
  3. What Must I Do?
  4. Raised To Life


This is the second step on a Path of Purpose. In these sessions we begin with Belong, which is the history and distinctives of River’s Edge. In Essentials we cover the Statements of faith as well as the vision, mission, and core values of RE. In Purpose we help you discover your talents, temperament through personality assessments and make the application to spiritual gifts where you can best serve at RE. All this then leads to Membership so that you can commit to the church and make a lasting positive contribution.
NEXT Modules
  1. Belong
  2. Essentials
  3. Purpose
  4. Membership


This is the third step on a Path of Purpose. This is where someone can take their spiritual leadership and involvement at River’s Edge to another level. The first course is Journey to the Core which explains what it means to be a CORE Partner at RE. The second is Belong Group Training which is our small groups training course, where as leaders you are equipped to lead and spiritually multiply. The third course is Difficult Conversations and how to have them. This is an area of growth in most believers lives, where speaking the truth in love and with a positive impact leads to mutual change. Last but not least is Emotionally Healthy Spirituality which will help the leader lead from a inner place of holistic health.

CORE Modules

  1. Journey to the Core
  2. Belong Group Training
  3. Difficult Conversations
  4. Emotionally Healthy Spirituality
This is the fourth step on a Path of Purpose. In the first module you will learn how to understand and apply the Sacred Scriptures for yourself. In the second, you will discover how you can take your spiritual life to another level with Spiritual Disciplines. In the third, you will learn how to have a conversational relationship with God and in the fourth, you will be trained in how to be a more effective spiritual mentor for others.
GROW Modules
  1. Understanding & Applying The Bible
  2. Spiritual Disciplines
  3. Conversing with God
  4. Spiritual Mentoring
Belong Groups
Why bother with small groups in a time-pressured culture? Because busy people can become isolated and disconnected. At River’s Edge our vision is to be a place Where No One Journeys Alone. As flawed and broken people, we strive to live authentic lives by following Jesus. We believe that is best accomplished with the encouragement and accountability of a circle of friends. 
Belong Groups are an integral part of our spiritual development at River’s Edge. Since one size does not fit all, we offer a variety of Belong Groups, just as people’s needs and interests differ. So whether curious, cautious or wholly committed, connect with God and others in a safe group that accepts you just as you are.
There are Belong groups meeting in various parts of the city of Montreal, Laval, South Shore, East End and the West Island. As well as other more distant communities like the Laurentians and the Eastern Townships.
belong_course We also offer Belong Courses throughout the year to complete your spiritual learning and growing experiences at River’s Edge. We offer courses like Financial Peace, Alpha, God Is My CEO, Choosing The One, 50 days of Transformation, and many more. These courses generally take place on weeknights or Saturday mornings over 7-11 weeks.