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We want you to know that we too are on the journey. As followers of Jesus Christ we believe that our lives find their true worth and greatest meaning when we are serving God and others. Whether you’re just beginning to investigate Christianity or you already have a growing relationship with Jesus, we’re here to help you take the next step spiritually and to offer you a place where you can be as involved as you choose.

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Here you will discover a warm group of real people dedicated to following Jesus.

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In various places around the world, a Red Door signals a place of refuge for the traveler. It is a sign that here is a safe and open place, a place that is full of hospitality. So, no matter how you’re feeling, excited or inspired, lost, tired or stranded, look for the Welcome Centre-Red Door and you will find hope and a new experience of community. At River’s Edge, the Red Door is your first connection point.

We know that you’re not alone in wanting a new experience. That’s why River’s Edge exists. We all needed to experience a different kind of church and a very real irreligious Jesus. Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey, we want you to know that we’re a community of followers of Jesus Christ, that are committed to live by faith, to be known by love and to be a voice of hope.

River’s Edge is also a multi-cultural and dynamic gathering of people from varying experiences and places. We encourage you to check us out and see for yourself why this is a place where you can belong before you believe! Your spiritual journey of following Jesus Christ will be challenged, but you will be accepted as you are and encouraged to journey at your own pace.

River’s Edge has a strong commitment to a multi-sensory arts style. Each Sunday in our gatherings our team of Artisans offer an experience that emphasizes the arts by using theatre, storytelling, humour, multimedia, film, live musical performances and dance. Each Sunday we meet for an hour for worship, and relevant messages that connect with our every day lives as we face the issues of our day and culture.

Every Sunday in the middle of our gathering we stop for a refreshment break we call the 10 minute party. With snacks and coffee we reconnect with old friends and make new one’s as well. This is a great opportunity to experience how welcoming River’s Edge can be and what it can offer you beyond the Sunday gathering experience. 

Kid’s Connection, Route 56 and Uprising covers preschool to High School and its available every Sunday. Our teachers and volunteers are all screened and trained. We also have an amazing kid specific facility dedicated for our use at River’s Edge. We operate our own River’s Edge Daycare during the week in a separate building that is connected to the church. We call that the Annex and its available to us during the week in the evenings and on Sundays for our ministries.


Courses After The Gathering

All Courses after the gathering start at 11:45 am. These courses are a wonderful opportunity for you to grow in your spiritual faith, Biblical knowledge, ask questions and get to know people here at River’s Edge.

What Did Jesus Do and why does it matter to you? This is the first section of the START course. Whether you have recently become a Christ follower, been a believer for a while or are just investigating the claims of Jesus. This is where we encourage everyone to begin their faith journey here at River’s Edge. Learn More >

What Must I Do is the second part to the START course. This section covers everything you need for the spiritual journey ahead. This section covers the Starting Blocks for Salvation, the Bible, Prayer, Worship and the Community of Faith. Learn More > 

The NEXT course follows START and this is your next step in getting involved at River’s Edge. In the First section this is where you hear about becoming a Ministry Partner. The Second section is about diving into the details of your personality, discovering your gifts and seeing how your design reveals your purpose in life and best fit for ministry. Learn More >

In section Three we will cover how to Develop Your Leadership, which is about strengthening your character and gifting to fulfill your leadership potential.  Section Four, is all about connecting to the opportunities available at River’s Edge to live out your purpose and serve others by using your God-given gifts. Learn More >

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