Valentine’s Day

We get it. Valentine’s Day is a manufactured holiday created to make us spend money on things like expensive dinners, jewelry, chocolate, flowers and stuffed animals. A quick internet search will tell you that, collectively, we will spend over $25 billion on Valentine’s Day in North America this year.

There can be plenty of reasons to skip the holiday altogether, after all, you don’t really need this particular day to show your love. That’s definitely your choice and your decision to make as a couple. But allow me to give 3 reasons why you should celebrate it and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Reason 1 – More Date Nights Needed

We all know romance in a relationship is important, so keeping the flame alive needs to be a priority. That’s why you have to keep dating your partner throughout the relationship. We know that life’s pressures and time constraints get in the way. So think of Valentine’s Day as a pre determined date night. It’s already on the calendar, now all you have to do is make it happen. The date just needs to make your partner happy and work for your relationship in the season of life you’re in.

Reason 2 – Speak The Language of Love

No need to fall into some pre-determined commercial trap. Just speak your partner’s love language. What is it that really make’s them feel special, loved, as your one and only? What do they really want to receive from you? Do that instead of following some cheesy commercialized suggestion. Think of this as an opportunity to show how much you truly appreciate and love them. So remember to keep this insight front and center when you’re choosing what to do for Valentine’s Day. It will bring you closer together.

Reason 3 – Model True Love

We usually learn love through our home environments. Although, these days we tend to learn it most through Music, Social Media and in Movies. The truth is, we will actually learn it best from witnessing the real thing. Even from a very young age we first learn it, not by what is read to us, but by watching those in our household. We can continue the good patterns and reverse the bad ones, when we intentionally and publicly love our spouse. We are to do this especially when our kids are present. We can do this by expressing clearly through words and acts what we love about our partner. Making this a model of love for generations to come. 

No matter how you choose to celebrate this day, the reason why you should is simple. Your relationship is built on love, and love deserves to be celebrated and enjoyed. Stop seeing it as just another day in February, but one where you’re reminded to keep putting in the effort in what really matters. Each other.

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