Three Things You Need To Know About The Leadership of River’s Edge
1. We have a lot of faith. 
2. We want to meet in person.
3. We are the Church when we are in community. That means doing so in person and online in the safest and most responsible way possible.
Why We Aren’t Meeting
1. Covid-19 numbers are still too high and new outbreaks are occurring all the time.
2. We can’t guarantee your health safety even if we put all the protocols in place.
3. We can’t offer a complete or quality adult, youth or children worship experience in person for everyone.
4. We can’t guarantee that everyone will wear their masks at all times and practice social distancing when together.
5. We can’t ensure proper contact tracing for someone who informs us that they have become Covid positive after they have attended River’s Edge.
We are doing everything possible to maintain our sense of community as a church and be a responsible neighbour. We have also witnessed Churches that have opened when they were given the permission to do so, or that did so even without permission. This caused new outbreaks. These churches were held directly responsible by city health officials and were torn apart by the media for infecting people in the church and other people in the community at large who didn’t even attend these churches. 
We must be vigilant and aware of the health, social and spiritual impact that reopening will have on ourselves and others if not done at the right time and in the right way. We are not to be a health hazard or a deterrent to people receiving the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We love you and greatly miss gathering together in person. We ask that you continue to pray and support our Church, as well as pray that God will bring an end to this pandemic that has affected and devastated so many lives. We will overcome in Jesus name. 
You are always in our prayers,
The Leadership of River’s Edge