The Path

Welcome To Our Discipleship Path At River’s Edge

We are committed to going deeper through our discipleship process and to engage the greatest number of attenders at River’s Edge. This is why we have developed a discipleship path that begins with START, continues with NEXT, and that then leads to CORE. By following this path we experience a consistent context of teaching at River’s Edge that will lead to greater spiritual unity and expression of faith as followers of Jesus Christ.

This is the first step on a Path of Purpose. START is the introductory teaching to the faith in being a follower of Jesus. So if you are still searching, ready, or decided this is your first step. New to River’s Edge? This provides a   great overview to what we teach on the subject of Jesus, Personal Spiritual Responsibility, and Water Baptism. This is where everyone who attends River’s Edge is encouraged to START
START Sections
1. The Path of Life
2. What Did Jesus Do?
3. What Must I Do?
4. Raised To Life
This is the second step on a Path of Purpose. In these sessions we begin with Become A Member, which explores the ministry of River’s Edge, and how to connect with our church. In Discover Your Design we dive into the details of your personality, discover your gifts, and see how your design reveals your purpose in life and best fit in ministry.  In Develop Your Leadership  we help you discover what it means to be a leader at River’s Edge, how you can strengthen your character and gifting to fulfill your leadership potential. All this then leads to Join The Team. Which helps you connect to the opportunities available at River’s Edge to live out your purpose and serve others by using your God given gifts. 
NEXT Sections
1. Become A Member
2. Discover Your Design
3. Develop Your Leadership
4. Join The Team
This is the third step on a Path of Purpose. This is where someone can take their spiritual leadership and involvement at River’s Edge to another level. The first course is Journey to the Core which explains what it means to be a CORE Member at RE. The second is Belong Group Training which is our small groups training course, where as leaders you are equipped to lead and disciple others. The third course is Difficult Conversations and how to have them. This is an area of growth in most people’s lives, where speaking the truth in love and with a positive impact leads to mutual change. Last but not least is Emotionally Healthy Spirituality which will help the leader lead from a inner place of holistic health, so they can experience their best life now and help others do the same.
CORE Courses
1. Journey to the Core
2. Difficult Conversations
3. Emotionally Healthy Spirituality
4. Alpha Course
5. Freedom Session