Holding On By A Thread
At some point in our lives, we are going to experience a “Disruption Event”. This could be a relationship failure, a tragic loss, a health issue, or a financial hit. When we do, how we respond says something powerful about who we are and what we believe in. I know that that we don’t always reveal our best selves when this Disruption Event first occurs. But what about after we’ve caught our breath and picked ourselves up? What then? Well in this series we will examine stories in the Bible that we can all relate to that will help us move beyond Disruption Events. We can then, by faith in applying key principles, stop hanging on by a thread and start living our lives in the thriving manner God means for us.

Thanksgiving Celebration
Sunday October 8th at 11:11
Featuring the River’s Edge Choir led by Fredericka Petit-Homme and the Children’s Choir led by Emelie Godin.
House of Jazz
Join Michelle Sweeney and the River’s Edge Choir at the House of Jazz in support of  Hurricane Relief for the women of Barbuda. Guest Tameka Wharton of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism office will also be present. Date Sunday October 15th, 2-6pm Admission: $25 Brunch and Show. Donations of Women Toiletries are appreciated.
River’s Edge Daycare
Our River’s Edge Daycare is open and still accepting registrations. We continue to pray for several breakthroughs for the daycare to be successful in this competitive market. The daycare will have a positive impact on families and connect them to River’s Edge Community Church while providing both short-term and long-term financial stability for our community of faith. Pray with us that all this and more will be accomplished. Register by email at or visit the website at