We begin a new Series called Guard Your Heart Sunday April 8th at 11:11. Each week we will examine key principles in how we can do exactly that. Why? Well who wants heart that gets carried away by every compliment and enters into a world of fantasy? You know, the kind of heart that easily gets connected emotionally and sidetracked. Or a heart that always sees something in someone else but never in themselves. I know you get where we’re going with this series. Because you get how your heart gets carried away. I hope you can come along for the ride and learn a thing or two about Guarding Your Own Heart.
River’s Edge Daycare
Our River’s Edge Daycare is open and still accepting registrations. We continue to pray for several breakthroughs for the daycare to be successful in this competitive market. The daycare will have a positive impact on families and connect them to River’s Edge Community Church while providing both short-term and long-term financial stability for our community of faith. Pray with us that all this and more will be accomplished. Register by email at or visit the website at

River’s Edge Choir Concert


Join us for our annual retreat at Manoir D’Youville in Chateauguay where we will unravel the emotional and relational knots keeping us stuck. We will create growth and learning spaces for all no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. You will be blessed with quality teachings, enjoy great food, outdoor fun and much more. Cost is $115 for shared rooms or $140 for single occupancy. RSVP as soon as possible by signing up at the tables today! For more details, contact us at

River’s Edge Choir Concert

Saturday June 9th at 7:30pm the River’s Edge Community Choir presents My Heart Sings. Tickets are $20 and its free for those 18 and under. Proceeds go to The concert will be held at River’s Edge Community Church: 5567 Chemin de la Cote St Antoine. For more information contact: #RiversEdgeChoir #MyHeartSings #MWANA