Equal Parts Gifted And Imperfect

Compass Broken Face
The thing about great leadership is that even though there is no concise way to describe it, we all know when we’ve experienced it. I believe that is why we are drawn to Jesus, even before we ever recognize him as our Savior.
In fact, no one person can possess all the qualities we actually use to define a great leader. That’s because every person is equal parts extraordinarily gifted and ordinarily imperfect.
It’s like holding a broken face compass. Our first assessment is that is should be thrown out, because based on its appearance, it is to us irreparable. Yet, it still works, points North accurately, and when put to use, it is ready to fulfill its purpose.
If you haven’t already noticed, it’s hard enough to lead oneself, let alone be a leader for other people. So figuring out who you are, and what strengths you do have, are key in challenging the status quo in your life and wherever else it exits in the world.

It’s really discouraging to not measure up and meet expectations that are set for us. Even when we think them to be impossible to fulfill. In Philippians 2:5 (NCV) it says; “In your lives you must think and act like Christ Jesus.” Well that’s the highest standard no one can ever reach! So why even bother? Well, the Sacred Scriptures reveal that our transformation actually happens on the way to doing what hasn’t been accomplished yet.

When I read that verse I believe God is saying; “Hey, that’s my standard, but I want all of you. Even the stuff others criticize, condemn and have contempt for. I can use all of it to not only change you, but others around you. Just commit to following Jesus every day and I’ll be there to help you overcome all your imperfections.”
So instead of feeling sorry for ourselves and giving up. How about we give it our all to think and act like Jesus! By doing this, God knew that we would automatically challenge and change the leadership standards of our time. I believe, that this is the kind of leader God is calling us all to be. If we do this, then the changes we can expect in our life as leaders will look something like this:
  1. We will abandon the known and embrace the unknown.
  2. We will open our hearts to the new thing God will do in and through us.
  3. We will despite our fear(s) and lack of perceived worth act with courage.
  4. We will provide a picture, however blurry, of a preferred future.
  5. We will seize divine opportunities that in the past would pass us by.
  6. We will lead for the benefit of others not just our self.
  7. We will leave things better than how we found them.

Lorenzo DellaForesta

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